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Who are we?

We are a community driving the Smart City movement. Our members come from cities and companies striving towards creating smarter cities. We use this platform to share our experiences and ideas while helping each other develop new ones. Our platform is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Society. We work with researches and experts in the Smart City field to bring together neutral and quality information to support implementation of Smart City Solutions.

What are we up to?

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Request for Proposals

Synchronicity funds Smart City Projects - Open call Kick Off - June 11th 

From June 1st you will have the opportunity to prepare for a scale up of your Smart City solution in at least 3 cities. Funding for your project will be 80% up to a maximum depending on the type of organization you represent.

What is SynchroniCity?

SynchroniCity opens up a global IoT market where cities and businesses develop shared digital services to improve the lives of citizens and grow local economies.

Aim of the Open Call

Proving the viability of the SynchroniCity digital single market by demonstrating in this Large Scale Pilot the replicability and scalability of city and citizen-centric IoT enabled solutions from one city to another. It also aims at attracting new cities and other players of this ecosystem to become part of this new marketplace and ensure sustainability.

Who is it for?

* IoT enabled SMEs that have already demonstrated their solution in a relevant environment (TRL ≥ 6). SMEs can apply alone or in a Pilot Group.
Cities. Cities can only apply in a Pilot Group.
* Large corporates. Large can only apply in a Pilot Group.


Total budget of 3 M€ in funding.

Each application can be funded with: up to 100.000 € if an SME applies alone; up to 200.000 € for Pilot Groups of 2 organisations; up to 300.000 € for Pilot Groups of 3 organisations or more.

Synchronicity open call will co-fund 80% of the total individual budget of each project. The remaining 20% will need to be provided by applicants either as in-kind support or by bringing in funding to the project. Funding to cities and large businesses is limited to 60.000 €.

Note: SMEs, cities and large corporate departments that are not from the EU or H2020 associated countries are welcome to apply but will not be eligible for funding.

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Need support?

Team up with us to solve your Smart City challenges. We will support and guide you through the entire process of configuring, planning, consulting the market and investing into smart city technologies.

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