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We are a community driving the Smart City movement. Our members come from cities and companies striving towards creating smarter cities. We use this platform to share our experiences and ideas while helping each other develop new ones. Our platform is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Society. We work with researches and experts in the Smart City field to bring together neutral and quality information to support implementation of Smart City Solutions.

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Request for Proposals

Open call: smart lighting & sensor-based city solutions

The City of Munich is launching the second innovation competition as part of the EU project "Smarter Together" to equip the intelligent light poles in the Neuaubing / Westkreuz project area with sensors / actuators.

Start-ups, researchers and companies in the fields of sensors and actuators can now apply to the "Open Call" of the City of Munich.

Deadline for applications is August 10, 2018

We are looking for sensor-based solutions for the topics:

  • Traffic data acquisition,
  • Parking management and security
  • Gamification.

Official announcement

Application documents

Website of the City of Munich


Background info: Smarter Together

The innovation competition is part of the EU project Smarter Together Munich. The main goal of the project is to use the latest technology and data to find answers to the future questions of urban development. This should increase the quality of life and sustainability in Europe's cities in the long term. The central areas of the project are IT technologies, mobility, energy and citizen participation. The EU Commission has selected Munich together with Lyon and Vienna in 2015 to develop and test such smart city solutions by 2021. The Munich project area for this is Neuaubing-Westkreuz/Freiham.

Project page: Smarter Together

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Request for Proposals

Morgenstadt Pitch, an event for start-ups improving urban life, is organised by Morgenstadt on September 26th, 2018 at Nordic Edge Expo in Stavanger. The event gives you an opportunity to pitch your startup in front of city leadership, investors, and decision makers from both the public and private sector. The start-ups focusing on the urban sustainability issues will have a unique opportunity for a live, on-stage two round battle to win the pitch competition. The winners will secure a yearlong membership of the Morgenstadt Network, and have an opportunity to advertise their one product through BABLE for an entire year.


Are you a startup helping to improve urban life in any of the following areas: transportation, buildings, communication, ICT networks, water, mobile applications, emergency services, environment, data analytics, security, energy, resilience, and more; do you want to create visibility and awareness about your products and services - then apply now for Morgenstadt Pitch!


Register under the following link by filling out the provided form. The information gathered through the form will be used to pre-select 10 to 12 start-ups based on the impact of the product/service, innovativeness and feasibility of the business idea. The selected start-ups will have the opportunity to have 5 minute long pitch at The Nordic Edge. The panel of expert Jury from public and private sector will choose the top 3 finalists, allowing the rest to get valuable feedback on their business idea and future opportunities. The winner will be selected in the second round among the finalists, who will present in front of the bigger audience.


Partnering Opportunity





In the heart of Brainport, in the Brandevoort area of Helmond, we are realising Brainport Smart District. It comprises a housing estate of some 1,500 homes and an industrial park where technology, knowledge and innovation are used in tandem to create a more sustainable and better living environment. Residents are invited to be actively involved in the development of their neighbourhood and companies have the opportunity to develop, try out and reality test their technologies, products and services: a living lab.


We challenge companies, organisations, local and regional authorities, educational institutions and research institutes to share innovative products and/or services that match the principles and philosophy of Brainport Smart District with us. If you believe you could contribute to the development of Brainport Smart District on one of the themes: circular district, mobility, participation, social and safe district, energy, health or data, take this opportunity and join us.

The inspiration booklet Brainport Smart District lists proposals for potential projects in Brainport Smart District.


On the registration form you can indicate on what themes your organisation might have added value for Brainport Smart District and in what way your company or organisation can help Brainport Smart District develop. And conversely, how we can help your organisation to develop innovative technologies that may find a place in our new district. Please submit your registration form by 15 July.


An information meeting will be held on the Automotive Campus in Helmond on 30 August from 3pm to 5pm. Please state on the registration form whether you will attend this meeting. Any questions? Please send an email tobusiness@brainportsmartdistrict.nl

We will select promising innovative projects, products and services submitted by companies and organisations. These organisations will definitely be invited to join Brainport Smart District's Business Network. Furthermore, we will financially support the 10 most promising projects.

Together, we can fully exploit the boundless opportunities of the Brainport Smart District ‘living lab’ to the full.

Listen to our story and discover why you should take up this business challenge.


Cathalijne Dortmans

Municipality of Helmond


Erik van Merrienboer

Member of the Provincial Executive
Province of Noord-Brabant


Elphi Nelissen

Eindhoven University of Technology


Peter Portheine

Stichting Brainport Smart District


Henk Visser

Director Enpuls


Ton Wilthagen

Tilburg University


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