Mission statement

We thrive towards creating Smarter Cities together.

We want to accelerate the development of livable, future-proof and sustainable cities based on innovation and collaboration.

  • We strive towards a carbon-free future
  • We aim to increase efficiency in resource consumption
  • We build on data, connectivity and the Internet of Things
  • We strive to provide future-proof solutions for sustainable cities


Open innovation is at the core of what we do. All information generated by the BABLE Community is openly and freely accessible on the web for anyone to use.

Only the contacts to the individual members are visible to active BABLE Community members to prevent misuse of contact details and spamming.

We are doing this together! So please get in touch with us if you have ideas or suggestions to do things better.



We are a community driving the Smart City movement. Our members come from cities and companies striving towards creating smarter cities. Together with researchers and innovators, we are thriving towards more sustainable and liveable cities built on innovation.



A small team directly employed by BABLE operates this online platform. Our main purpose is to keep the platform running, moderate interactions and directly support the BABLE Community to reach its goals. The platform hosts all information on servers based in the European Union. Any user has full control over her/his data at any time. Listing fees paid by companies that are showing their products finance the platform.



As not all challenges can be tackled nor all problems can be solved by the platform itself, we also provide various services to facilitate Smart City projects with a much broader perspective.


Our Partners

Fraunhofer Research Society

BABLE is a spin-off from the Fraunhofer Research Society, Europe’s biggest applied research institution and is now operated as a Limited company under German law. The first version of the platform was financed by Fraunhofer internal funding. Since the beginning, we are reinvesting revenues to improve the platform. Fraunhofer is a German Non-for-Profit Organisation and is partly financed by the German government. In addition to Fraunhofer, only the Managing Directors of BABLE hold shares of the company.

Fhg logo

Morgenstadt Innovation Network

The platform and services build strongly on the knowledge gained as part of the research done in the international Morgenstadt Innovation Network. Morgenstadt is a community of over the time almost 100 cities, companies and research institutes together investigating sustainable developments in cities – long before the term Smart Cities was widely used.

Morgenstadt logo

European Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) Initiative

The Replication task group from the European Smart Cities and Communities (SCC) Initiative financed by the Horizon 2020 Research Program of the European Union has been one of our key contributors. BABLE will be used as Replication and service platform to share the knowledge gathered from the Horizon 2020 projects. Experts from all over Europe provide valuable inputs for further developments of the platform and services, spearheaded by the Replication Officers of the SCC projects.