BABLE SERVICES are offered by the BABLE TEAM in cooperation with partners from all over the globe. They have been developed from hands-on experience in hundreds of Smart City projects.

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Bable vision development

BABLE Vision Development

A Smart City Vision for your city, district or area tha incorporates the very specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and streats in this very partical development is developed. In the process stakeholder of all kinds incl. citizens can be part of a co-design process.

Tender screening

BABLE Personalized Tender Screening

A service to display to you as a company or city only those tenders specifically fitting your organisation. You will receive a personalized subset of the overall tenders publicly available on European level directly within your MY BABLE section.

Solution finding

BABLE Solution Finding

A service to help you as a city finding your set of integrated Smart City Solutions. Based on an alysis of your needs, interests, strengths weaknesses and visions, we will together with you as a city and your partners define possibilities and create traction around the most suitable projects.