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Smart City implementations have to serve the needs of the city and its citizens and never be a means to itself. Technological advancements in the last decades have opened up several avenues for cities to improve quality of life and reduce the environmental footprint. E-car sharing, public transport apps, smart home systems, smart street lighting and waste bins all bring innumerable benefits to the city – BUT they have to be designed to fit into your existing systems, processes and appeal to the culture and vibe in your city. The BABLE Ecosystem with its partners, and high quality structured information is designed to help you make your city its unique version of a Smart City.

Have a look into our neutral SOLUTIONS curated to fit your needs, such as decreasing CO2-emissions and operational costs or increasing livability. Show your colleagues and decision makers, successful implementations of these solutions in our USE CASE section. In this process, you will also learn about the Smart City PRODUCTS AND SERVICES used in already implemented solutions. All of this for free. If you need help in defining your challenges or with anything else, have a look into our BABLE SERVICES section.

Get inspired by the endless possibilities and find the solution fitting you best

Knowing your challenges and local circumstances better than any service provider does, you can direct your search for solutions yourself on BABLE. The information on best practices (USE CASES) and neutral Smart City SOLUTIONS provided on BABLE are checked individually and curated based on knowledge gained during a decade of Smart City related research in Europe’s biggest applied research institution Fraunhofer and the international Morgenstadt Initiative. The developed unique structure of SOLUTIONS empowers cities to make informed decisions and adopt it to fit the local needs.

Save all interesting information in your personal WATCHLIST and show it to your colleagues and decision makers. Have a look into our SPOT section to learn about current ideas, plans and calls for actions published by our community. Scan the Smart City TENDERS to see what other public authorities are about to implement.

Reach out to the Smart City community how and when you prefer to do so

Whenever you decide to become active and share your thoughts, plans, lessons learned and success stories with the Smart City community, we provide you with the right channel to reach your audience. Needless to say that you have full control over all your data at any time.

Promote your local COMPANIES and start-ups on the global stage by linking them to jointly implemented USE CASES. Attract investments into your city and living labs by posting offers in the SPOT section. You can even ask questions to the expert USER community and find other CITIES to create joint initiatives and soon even joint procurements.

We help you efficiently implement future proof Smart City Solutions

Once you have chosen the innovation area that you would like to implement, we can support a future proof development with the BABLE CREATE process. It is the core element supporting your journey of developing your great ideas, and our knowledge on the European Smart City market and established best practices into your own Use Case.

A BABLE process expert (Porter) will support you throughout all the steps necessary until your solution is finally implemented, preventing all kinds of pitfalls such as vendor lock-ins and unnecessary process related delays. The multi-step process has been developed based on the practical knowledge from hundreds of implementation projects. It includes facilitation of internal and external stakeholder engagement, market consultations, detailed planning and securing funding embedded in a long-term sustainable business model.

In any stage during this moderated process, you can take intermediate results easily towards decision makers including your citizens and incorporate their input directly into the further development. The BABLE CREATE process and your personal BABLE Porter will facilitate your work with checklists, advice and experience until the project is implemented. The BABLE CREATE Service is tailored to fit your scope, preferences and budget from the very start of the effort.

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