PREP SERVICES help your city to be better prepared for Smart City implementation projects. They include issues such as reforming administrative culture, capacity building, strategy and vision developments. Good preparation is the solid foundation for implementing Smart City projects and therefore these offers can have a lasting mid- to long-term impact in your road to becoming your individual version of a Smart City.

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The PREP SERVICES are ordered to show the one that are time-wise and/or logically the closest to the implementation of Smart City projects.

Ssa summer school

Smart Society Academy: Summer School

A unique 5-10 day idea bootcamp to develop a set of new solutions based on an urban challenge of your choosing. At the same time, it educates the participants, mostly professionals and post-grad students in a multi-disciplinary mix in developing their ideas into an implementable concept.

Bable vision development

BABLE: Vision Development

A Smart City Vision for your city, district or area tha incorporates the very specific strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and streats in this very partical development is developed. In the process stakeholder of all kinds incl. citizens can be part of a co-design process.

Ssa professional academy

Smart Society Professional Academy: Certification Course Smart City Manager

The courses provide future smart city professionals from the public and the private sector with applicable knowledge and tools to design, plan, finance, build and operate innovative solutions for smart cities. Based on cutting-edge learning methodologies it combines cloud-based learning with hands-on experience and a maximum degree of interaction to transmit practicable and actionable knowledge and expertise.

Morgenstadt citylabs

Fraunhofer IAO: Morgenstadt City Labs

In City Labs, cities are analysed by interdisciplinary teams and an integrated roadmap for sustainable urban development is developed.