Connected buildings

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The Connected Building solution links together key building equipment inside commercial buildings. The software analyzes and interprets building data and transforms it into valuable information. It enables building owners and managers to remotely monitor and control their buildings along with infrastructure.

Our intelligent solutions help providers of building technology, building automation, and lighting to make new business models a reality.Digitalization is already having a visible and far-reaching impact on the working world and the working environment in commercial buildings. These structures have to be more powerful and more energy-efficient while becoming easier to manage. One solution lies in the buildings’ connectivity and in their interaction with the people who work there.

The Connected Building Platform from Bosch Software Innovations connects all relevant pieces of equipment in commercial buildings – and stores the data in a cloud. As a result, building operators and facility managers can easily use a notebook or smartphone to monitor the key performance indicators (KPIs) of buildings and their use; they can also compare the performance of multiple buildings.


Services based on our Connected Building Platform

  • Light Monitoring
    The monitoring of lighting on the basis of key performance indicators (KPIs) helps building managers make assessments and conduct efficient maintenance and repair tasks. Light monitoring also supplies current lighting data – anywhere, anytime.
  • Elevator Monitoring
    The monitoring of elevators in buildings on the basis of KPIs helps building managers improve the efficiency of preventive maintenance. You thus have access to the latest elevator data – anywhere, anytime.
  • Space Management 
    The visualization of presence data – using heat maps, for instance – displays how one or more rooms or entire floors are being utilized in one or more buildings. The building manager can consequently optimize the use of floor space and dispatch cleaning services as necessary.
  • Air Quality Monitoring
    This service measures and monitors several air-quality parameters. It also allows you to pinpoint any problems with indoor air and helps building managers make decisions that ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

How will you benefit?

By supplying data on buildings and their technology, our solutions for commercial buildings will help you to always make the right decision.

  • Gain essential insights: Our solution monitors your building equipment by means of KPIs and aids building managers in making evaluations. Deviations can therefore be detected earlier on.
  • Reduce service costs: Building operators can use our solution to access the latest data on their buildings – from anywhere, at any time. As a result, they can pinpoint malfunctions before substantial damage can occur.
  • Enable new services: As a manufacturer of building technology, building automation, and software services for buildings, we offer our intelligent solution as a platform for providing digital services – and generating additional profits.


  • informing service staff
  • managing energy generation
  • controlling appliances remotely
  • monitoring house performance
  • informing inhabitants


  • power schedueling system

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