Renovation of semi-attached homes of housing association using Woonconnect tool

The Use Case aims to involve tenants in the process of renovating and maintaining homes owned by the social housing association Woonbedrijf. It enables tenants to make informed decisions on what pre-defined renovation options they want to realise. The digital 3D-tool WoonConnect allows tenants to see the effects of their behaviour (i.e. showering, heating) and the expected results of the renovation.

Through the web application, the device provides immediate feedback on what the influence of several renovation options will be.That offers a new level of information to the tenant and therefore, empowers them to make reasonable decisions. The development was accompanied by several direct interactions to capture various residents' preferences.

Woonbedrijf owns implementation
Service Providers
WoonConnect (2Snoeken) in cooperation with KPN
house owner (institutional)


Legal and Political

Due to the binding regulations, the housing association has to maintain and improve the houses in the district. Therefore, there is an agreement to enhance the average social house to an energy label B, owing to the official regulation to have an energy label on each home.

Supporting Infrastructure

The types of houses are fairly similar through the Netherlands: Therefore, the scaling-up opportunities are rather high once the model is built in WoonConnect. 


Generally high usage of new technology / however not in several important tenant groups. 


PRIVACY: Creating enough trust for the data to be collected through the WoonConnect tool. Different partners involved were interested in many different kinds of data, and therefore tenants became afraid of the type of questions asked and the possible uses of the data.


  1. Not all tenants prefer digital interaction (via the tool) or interaction in general. Main influencing factors are age and trust in private and public authorities. It is essential to know your customer: is the digital tool right for the user?
  2. Data privacy in private homes is perceived much more pressing than in other digital areas (such as social media)
  3. The direct and personal interaction at 'kitchen tables' was highly crucial for the success of the project - therefore, the process was redesigned to use WoonConnect NOT as a self-service but as a guided experience
  4. The process of giving tenants the power to chose, brought them closer to the public partners and each other
Scale of Implementation
Planning Time
2-5 years
Implementation Time
< 0.5 years
Development Type
Technology Readiness
System/Subsystem development
Public Participation Model
Active participation
Public Participation Description
- started with direct kitchen table interviews in 200 homes - prepared the renovation plan on the basis of the outcome - entered the renovation plans into the WoonConnect tool (prepare the tool for the tenant) - guided process/introduction of the tenants using the WoonConnect tool to make informed decisions on renovation options - Possible: using the tool for monitoring of the efficiency of the renovation and behavioural changes
Advice And Suggestions For Replication

  1. Suitable for institutional homeowner (e.g. social housing associations) as in addition to the effect of reduced bills, the main impact of the tool is community building
  2. The involvement of tenants from an early stage should be a priority



  • Reducing operations costs
  • Improving personnel efficiency

Energy Related

  • Reducing use of fossils
  • Increasing share of renewables
  • Improving energy usage efficiency
  • Reducing energy bill

Mobility Related


  • Reducing ghg emissions
  • Reducing local air pollution


  • Improving social integration
  • Improving life quality
  • Promoting sustainable behaviour
  • Facilitating citizen engagement

Waste Related

ICT related

Return On Investment Period
> 15 years
Initial Investment Amount
> 5,000,000
Scale of Investment
250 semi-attached homes
Financing (Investors)

Eu Funds

bears 8% of the costs

Private Sector Investment

bears 92% of the costs

Income / Revenue Stream

The housing association earns from the increased real estate value and the therefore increased rent. The tenant can achieve a reduced energy bill. The application provider WoonConnect receives a contract fee.

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Standards and Technical Details

Multiple renovation options are available for the tenants to choose from:

  1. New insulation for roof
  2. Exchange of single-glazing to double-glazing
  3. New ventilation system based on a CO2 sensor
  4. New layout of homes (i.e. bigger bathroom)
  5. PV panels for the roof

Through the Woonconnect tool, they can instantly visualize the modifications on a 3D model of the house and see the estimated impact on their energy and water bills.