Electric Assist Cargo bikes (Pedelecs) for goods delivery

The Use Case is aimed at promoting the sustainable alternatives for local deliveries using electric Assist cargo bikes. The Municipality offers the use of 4 bikes leased from a fleet of different bikes owned by Manchester Bike Hire to any organization in Manchester who would like to use the bikes for end distribution. The bikes come with a tracking system which enables data collection on usage

Free to use opportunity to try a variety of different types of models. Collecting data on usage of bikes by tracking the electric cargo bikes (provides insights on usage)

United Kingdom
Manchester City Council
Manchester Bike Hire
Service Providers
Manchester Bike Hire
University, SMEs, anyone with need for end delivery alternatives


Legal and Political

  • Restriction on cars in the Corridor encourages use of bikes for end distribution
  • Manchester city goals and target for reducing emissions and having bikes as 10% of transport share

Supporting Infrastructure

  • Bike tracks- big enough to accomodate cargo bikes


  • Existing congestion in Corridor encourages search for alternatives to reduce the number of cars


  • Only 2.5% commuters use bikes for commuting. Need for promoting bikes.


  • Manchester Bike hire is partner organisation with experience and expertise in cycle logistics, using cargo bikes to undertake last mile deliveries


  • Attracting users for the Cargo bikes (behavioural change). Cultural view associated with use of bikes and safety


  • Health and safety e.g. rider considerations differ for different organisations. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs to be supplied to riders - sharing helmets is not desireable
  • Behaviour change process - changing from vehicles to bikes takes time. Individual demonstrations and regular changes would provide incentives to encourage more users.
  • Cargo Bikes are not mass produced.Lead-in times can be long - electric assist cargo bikes are still manufactured in small batches, so it can take 3-4 months from order to delivery
Scale of Implementation
city level
Planning Time
< 0.5 years
Implementation Time
< 0.5 years
Development Type
Technology Readiness
Public Participation Model
Not performed
Public Participation Description
Advice And Suggestions For Replication

  • Possible Customers: University, SMEs, anyone with need for end delivery alternatives
  • Possible Financing: Mainly for businesses to develop their own business model around it



  • Reducing operations costs
  • Improving personnel efficiency

Energy Related

Mobility Related

  • Reducing traffic congestion
  • Promoting sustainable private transport mode
  • Reducing use of fossils in public transport


  • Reducing local air pollution


  • Promoting sustainable behaviour

Waste Related

ICT related

Return On Investment Period
Initial Investment Amount
< 50,000
Scale of Investment
leasing of 4 cargo bikes, associated management of the bikes
Financing (Investors)

Eu Funds

bears 100% of the costs

Income / Revenue Stream

"Not a business model but to promote use of bikes. Potentially reduces car parking and fuel costs, improves delivery service efficiency"

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Standards and Technical Details

Manchester Bike Hire has a fleet of different cargo bikes. The leasing model allows the Municipality to offer at any one time 4 of this fleet.